Vocal Stage – Foundation 3


Be As One(Male) - Sample Track
Be As One(Female) - Sample Track


The Rockschool Classics Guitar Grades 6-8 Compendium book presents six of the world’s iconic rock tracks. From Metallica to Queens of the Stone Age, learn all the technique you’ll need to play them in your exam, using the supplied audio, backing tracks and Fact Files.

Key Features at Grades 6-8

  • All five shapes of the minor pentatonic scales
  • Articulated chromatic runs, natural harmonic melodies, natural and pinched harmonics
  • Dorian, Lydian and Phrygian modes
  • Whole tone, diminished and altered scales
  • Stylistic study and session work

Purchase Options

       The digital version includes the book (PDF format), all tracks and
       supporting tests. Learn more about your purchasing options.
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