Student performance

Being part of Academy of rock not only allows you to learn to play music but also be able to showcase your skills to an audience. Here at AOR, we believe that holistic learning should be apply onto practical applications. At least twice a year, students gets to participate in our student recitals and yearly concerts.

What sort of concert you may ask? Well if it is not obvious enough, it definitely a ROCK concert! but it does not mean that all of the songs will be rock songs. AOR may primarily be known for its ROCK education, we also have experts in the POP, BLUES, FUNK, JAZZ etc genres. Our concert will usually have a number of different types of music genre to suit our audiences and also our student’s choices.

We have had countless of positive reviews from our students and parents in regards to our annual student’s showcase.

Does that get you excited? Well, if it does, you know what to do. Adios!

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