At Academy of Rock, we value inclusivity above all else. Our motto, “Never Too Early, Never Too Late”, encompasses this ethos: that no one should be left behind or excluded from quality music education just because of their differences – whether it be age, social economic status or learning ability to name a few.

The A-SEND Programme is our way of supporting our SEND students and the community. A-SEND stands for AOR’s Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. We do not have a completely separate curriculum for our students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). All students, regardless of background, are taught the same content. Instead, we adapt our teaching approach to accommodate to their respective paces. Majority of our educators are professionally trained to be able to teach those with SEND as well. AOR continues to work towards doing more for our steadily growing number of students with SEND, welcoming everyone with open arms to join our family. We are here to support you all and to make sure that you can ascend even further to your greatest potential.

“Music is the language of love.”

Under our A-SEND Programme, we do customised music programs for SEND organisations. In 2018, we designed and conducted a ten-week workshop with the Down Syndrome Association of Singapore (DSA) which gave both trainers and students an unforgettable and valuable experience. We even gave 3 members the opportunity to record and perform a song we created for the DSA called ‘We Are One’, which speaks of unity and acceptance. All proceeds generated from our 10th Anniversary charity concert, Jam with Love, went to the DSA. Academy of Rock aims to and is open to working with more organisations in the future to provide music education programs for the SEND community and more as well.