General FAQ

Do I need to have any pre-existing musical knowledge before I enrol into Academy of Rock?

No, Academy of Rock is open to students of all levels, from beginners to even advanced learners.

Is there an age limit for lessons?

As per our motto, “Never Too Early, Never Too Late”, there is no minimum or maximum age limit here at Academy of Rock. 

Does Academy of Rock offer group lessons?

We offer a maximum of two individuals in one classroom. You will have to sign up with your classmate for such lessons at registration.

Can I enrol for more than one instrument?

Yes, you can enrol in as many instruments as you like as long as there are available timeslots.

Do I have to bring my own instruments to lessons?

No, you do not need to bring your own instruments as they will be provided for you in your respective classrooms. You are encouraged to bring your own instruments if you own any.

Should I buy my instruments before enrolling?

No, you do not need to buy your instruments before enrolling. However, you are encouraged to buy a your own eventually so that you can practice outside of lessons.

Do I need to purchase any study materials or syllabus for lessons?

Yes, you will have to purchase our AOR syllabus materials either at registration over-the-counter or through our Shop (link).

Are parents allowed to sit in during their children’s lessons?

No, the only time parents are allowed to sit in is during their trial lesson.

How long will it take me to master my instrument?

Everyone progresses at their own pace depending on their learning capabilities and dedication to learning. While we cannot provide an estimation of when a student will be able to master their instrument, we can guarantee that they will get there if they put in the time and effort into learning and practicing their instrument.

Do I need to start from Grade 1 if I already have pre-existing knowledge and experience?

Your instructor will assess you on your first lesson and determine which level and grade you will start with.

How can I monitor my/my child’s progress?

We will produce a progress report every 6 months. Parents/Individuals can also request for a progress report at any time of the year from their teachers. Additionally, an Internal Assessment will be conducted at every transitional step (e.g. from Grade 2 to 3).

How often will I/my child get to perform?

Every student has to perform at our Weekly Recitals as part of their curriculum at Academy of Rock. Beyond that, there are opportunities to perform at Singapore Street Festival, our bi-annual charity concerts and more. We will update students on these events and how to participate in them.

Is it compulsory to sit for the AOR Exams?

Yes, it is compulsory for all students to sit for the AOR Exams. More information about the AOR Exams can be found here (link).