Unleash your inner groove and master your rudiments to tackle different time signatures you encounter. Become proficient in any drumming style thrown your way whether it be Bossa Nova, Hip Hop or Hard Rock. Your journey to skilful coordination starts here.

Level 1
Grade 1-3
Basic Drum Kit
Simple Rhythms and Basic Rudiments
Basic Improvisation Skills
Ear Training Exercises – Fills and Groove Playback
Basic Time Signatures
Groove in different Styles/Genres
Level 2
Grade 4&5
Intermediate Rudiments & Techniques
Standard Phrasings in Creative and Musical Variations
Stylistic Drum fills
Ear Training Exercises – Fills and Groove Playback and Pop
Ghost Notes & Rim-shot Techniques
Level 3
Grade 6-8
Advanced Rudiments and Techniques
Bass Drum Techniques
4-way Coordination Skills
Groove Variations in Musical Styles
Advanced Soloing
Advanced Rhythms