AOR History

Academy of Rock was born from a place of passion. The founder noticed a surplus and bias towards classical music education and a lack of support and structure towards popular music education in Singapore. She also wanted to give musicians opportunities to grow in their careers beyond performing. Foreseeing the potential of this different, modern approach to learning music, Academy of Rock opened its doors in 2007 and continues to pave the way for popular music education.

Academy of Rock has made its mark on the industry and is consistently improving on its services and curriculum while initiating new ideas and approaches to teaching popular music. Academy of Rock has its own unique, in-house syllabus designed to facilitate a comprehensive, personalised and engaging learning experience for students. Students are also able to explore performance opportunities and attend masterclasses with internationally-renowned musicians and educators. Academy of Rock has also expanded its ventures into studio production and recording, talent training, social outreaches and overseas expansions.

At Academy of Rock, we believe strongly in the importance of inclusivity. Our mission is to create a progressive, inclusive environment for people of all ages, backgrounds and learning abilities to partake in popular music education. We envision a future where popular music education has an invaluable place in society and for us to be that support for following generations of musicians to grow and flourish in their field. 

It is Never Too Early and Never Too Late to begin your musical journey.



Academy of Rock believes that everyone has the innate ability and potential to achieve great things in music. Likewise, we believe that every teacher is equipped with their own unique styles to teaching that should not be dictated or restricted. That is why we have developed “The AOR Way” – an inclusive, limitless approach to popular music teaching. This adaptable concept can be applied to any instruments and students of all learning abilities, fetching a balance between structured progression and relatable engagement.