Every band considers it the underdog, but the bass is the ultimate binding agent that completes and solidifies any ensemble. Walk your basslines through the glossary of musical genres such as Jazz, Funk and Post-Punk. Don’t be fooled, stay cool and become the pillar that any band can rely on.

Level 1
Grade 1-3
Chord knowledge & strumming
Improvising & guitar solos
Rhythm playing & groove
Improving technical abilities
Scales intro
Alternate picking
Level 2
Grade 4&5
The whole fretboard
Scale Construction
Chord Knowledge: Ninths
Transposing Riffs
Rhythm Guitar: Disco and Pop
Building a Solo
Level 3
Grade 6-8
Legato Technique
Diatonic Soloing
Odd Time Signatures
Hybrid Picking
Soloing: Exploring Tonality